June 19, 2016

Summer craft marathon 2016 - Week #2

A couple of days ago, on a warm summer night, my balcony was transformed into a little worshop. Our craft partner Veronika came over and despite the fact that we had soooo many ideas about this week's assignment for In My Closet's summer craft marathon, we have decided to stick in just one craft project per person.
So, we proudly present this week's participations. 
Bon voyage! 

Upcycle #1
An old glass presse-papier that was resting on the library for so many years now, was transformed into a brand new one, ready to travel us around the globe!
Over Caucasus particularly!
All Veronika needed was a lot of torn pieces of map, some school glue and lots of patience (ok and some gossip in between!) 

Upcycle #2
I am not the one to collect e v e r y  s i n g l e  t h i n g  in a box/closet/drawer, in case i might need it in the future... I usually throw away objects that I find useless. Luckily, I did not throw away these ruined clay plates (that were supposed to become coasters...) and they were used in this project, saving us money and time.
And time flew pleasantly while shooting the breeze and suddenly we saw all those torn pieces of map transforming into a wall hanging mobile!
Greek islands Tilos, Kasos and Nisyros are on our bucket list as you can see.

*Don't forget, you still have time to subcribe and catch the fourth week's challenge.
Follow our Instagram account if you want to see what's next on this craft marathon!

*Believe it or not, since that night we keep tearing maps apart on our free time :)

Have a nice & creative day!


  1. You girls are having so much fun that I am glad I organized the marathon! Let's see what you will up to at this week's challenge ;)

    1. we are glad that you are glad!!! thank you again!!!
      we'll try to complete all tasks!!


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