June 26, 2016

Summer craft marathon 2016 - Week #3

This week's marathon was so sweet. Technically sweet.
Yesterday was Anna's birthday, so all she asked from us was to prepare a sweet/candie, with a candle on it for her to blow out. Not a tough task admittedly, cause we like candies, and we do like Anna as well!
And so does Veronika, who invited me over to her place yesterday, in order to mess up her kitchen mix and stir and dust and sprinkle.
At this point I must cordially thank Veronika, as without her valuable assistance and inspiration, I would most probably still be trying to pick out a recipe/method/ingredients etc., instead of writing this very post. 
Pastry making is not my specialty - guilty!
So, thanks to her, here are our sweet participations for our weekly challenge, prepared with love for Anna, in lieu of birthday wishes!

Bullet points:
1. For "technical" reasons we have decided to skip the making-of pictures and we just sticked to the before and after photos. 
2. Drooling's allowed.

Dessert #1 
Prosecco Jelly : summery and refreshing, ideal for this super-hot week; cheers!

Dessert #2
Salted Caramel Fudge: sweet & salty is a killer combination when it comes to desserts, perfect for those late-night cravings...

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   A N N A !
Thank you again for challenging us in such a creative way!
Sorry we had to eat your desserts.

*Don't forget, you still have time to subcribe and catch the fifth week's challenge.
Follow our Instagram account if you want to see what's next on this craft marathon!

Have a nice & creative day!

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