June 14, 2016

Summer craft marathon 2016 - Week #1

This summer, Anna, that restless crafty girl from InMyCloset has decided to keep us busy, as she usually does.
On a weekly basis, she will be proposing a new craft challenge, 12 in total!
Last week I could not help attending her as the challenge was quite appealing: we had to take an old piece of clothing or accessory and transform it into something new.
Unfortunately, the unworn and ready-to-throw-away garments and accessories were way more than I originally thought and there was only one week in order to complete the task. Big trouble.
Thankfully, I was not alone in this creative adventure!
My good friend Veronika -who also happens to be very artistic and crafty and a true handywoman- invited me over her place in order to deliberate for this solemn purpose: giving life to a bunch of old t-shirts, stuck in our closets for many many years now.
Scissors and fabrics and yarns and trims and needles were all over the working table on a sunny Friday afternoon, which turned out to be a super fun one!
Upcycling at its best!

And while a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a glimpse on what we have accomplished together for this first week's challenge!

Upcycle #1
A plain black tshirt is transformed to an haute-couture piece, featuring a pair of angel's wings on the back! Cutting them out was a hassle but a glass of fresh homemade lemonade was a real consolation - well, ok and those extra tiny hands!

Upcycle #2
This white vest top has been brought back to life just by replacing the old twinkly necklace with a new removable fringe necklace, consisting of colorful tshirt yarns (made out of old unworn polo men tshirts). Easy yet graceful!

Upcycle #3 by Aggelina
As you can see creativity and inspiration were thriving and what's more, Veronika's daughter was our little helper, our summer elf: not only did she contributed to our task's completion; she even remodelled her own t-shirt by adding a bright pompom fringe on the shirt's neckline and a little cute detail on the back.
Look at her, deservedly proud of her accomplishment!

The world is your playground girl!

Upcycle #4
(out of competition)
An old v-neck black tshirt, not particularly interesting, has been transformed in just a few steps into this fresh ooak blouse!
Veronika skillfully made this cute flower embellishment, using various fabrics, felt pieces and bell beads and Aggelina attached it onto the tshirt's neckline in a few stitches.
A really versatile piece of clothing took the place of that bland tshirt, don't you think so?

After all this crafting overdose, the time has come for us to sit back and shout "Whoopee! Summer Craft Marathon, week #1: Mission accomplished!".
And now off to week #2 where a new intriguing task is awaiting!
Thank you Anna for challenging us in such a creative way!

*In case you liked this blue-sky mess and you want to join us, you still have time to subcribe and catch the third week's challenge. 
Follow our Instagram account if you want to see what's next on this craft marathon!

Have a nice & creative day!


  1. Καλά είναι όλα καταπληκτικά!!!! Εγώ με το ύφασμα και το ράψιμο καμία σχέση εν τούτοις δήλωσα συμμετοχή σε αυτή την υπέροχη διοργάνωση γιατί μου άρεσε τόσο πολύ σαν ιδέα και ο θεός βοηθός!!! Καλή συνέχεια κορίτσια!


    1. Πιο πολύ μας συναρπάζει η συμμετοχή τελικά, παρά το αποτέλεσμα!!!

  2. Πολύ ωραίες ιδέες!!!

    1. ευχαριστούμε Αργυρώ!!!

  3. Με τα πομπομ εχω ερωτα ;)
    Αλλα και τα φτερακια μ αρεσουν και τα κροσια!

    1. Έτσι οπως τα λες, σε βλέπω να τα κάνεις όλα-σε-ένα στο φανελάκι!!!
      Αντε να σε δούμε???


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