July 11, 2016

Summer craft marathon 2016 - Week #4

In case you were wondering about last week's marathon...it was a success, despite the fact that we did not post on time. The whole week was very hectic... 
Minutes before the deadline and with Veronika's valuable help - once again, I managed to submit my participation for Anna's summer craft marathon on time!
As far as the rules are concerned, we were supposed to create something non-edible but inspired by a summer fruit.
In particular we had to chose among watermelon, melon, peach, apricot, grapes and fig.
I chose watermelon, which happens to be my favorite summer fruit. I tried to transfer its shape to a plain tote bag, using the potato stamp technique.
This is what the tote bag looks like; I find it super trendy and summery!

Last week Veronika really outdid herself chosing watermelon as well. She grabbed an old wooden tray and transformed it into the ultimate summer tray, ready to serve her ooak cool and refreshing home made lemonade!

Don't you crave a juicy slice of watermelon right now? 
Me too!

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Have a nice & creative day!



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