August 17, 2018

Summer Craft Marathon 2018 - Week #5

Yeap, I did it again: I've skipped a week; while on holiday priorities do change - pardon me Anna from In My Closet. But I am here for week #5, disciplined and agile!

Two years ago, during our first #summerinmyc crafts marathon, we had loved the idea of creating our own greeting cards and we had so much fun playing with colors and materials and textures.
This year Anna repeats the task and I could not miss it. Still on holiday though and away from home; this means a lack of materials and textures - but not a lack of colors: my faithful tiny watercolor kit is always in my backpack, and therefore I was able to create a watercolor postacard.
For the card's theme, I got inspired by the haystack fields, the ochre-yellow hues of which are so warm and summery and will always bring the vacation mood on.
I hope this will work for the card recipient as well!

Cheers to summer nights, to summer days, to summer colors, to summer flavors, to summer sounds!

Have a nice & creative weekend!

*remember, if you want to join the summer craft marathon, you can still subcribe and catch the 7th week's challenge.
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Have a nice & creative day!

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