August 7, 2016

Summer craft marathon 2016 - Week #8

Last week Anna from InMyCloset really nailed it!
Within the frame of this summer crafts marathon, we were called to play with watercolors!
The rules were simple, all we had to do is use watercolors and create something "light" and then have our creation photographed outdoors.
I started playing around with my favorite watercolors and I ended up having four small square cards, in various colors and in abstract patterns.
I have not yet decided what do with them, for the time being they decorate my desk!

*And don't forget, if you want to join the summer craft marathon, you can still subcribe and catch the 10th week's challenge.
Follow our Instagram account if you want to see what's next on this craft marathon, deadline for week 9 is tomorrow!

Have a nice & creative day!

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