September 17, 2013

Fall christening in Serres


 Little Thanasis's christening ceremony was held at St. Theodores' church,
located in Serres, on a sunny Sunday morning. 

A little boy figure was the main character of the baptism decoration.
The baptism favor consisted of a handmade felt pouch in baby blue color with white details. On the closure ribbon a handmade clay boy was attached bearing the hand written name of the baby.
The traditional white dragèes offered inside the favors, tasted like almond and greek mastic. 
Kids enjoyed their special treat favor: an eco-friendly paper bag decorated with the little boy shape in blue carton, full of candies, gummies and jellies (equal to happy faces all around the church yard!).

All the guests had the chance to taste MiSeMeli's delicious homemade cookies in baby blue sugar-paste topping.

Extra large handmade felt boys were attached on the christening candle ornament composition and on the baby's clothes chests, embellished with grosgrain ribbons and huge fluffy pompoms.  
The entire decoration featured the baby blue and white colors: table centerpieces in blue/white polka dots, wish book decorated in felt cover and handmade guests' bracelets - martyrika in blue felt ribbon shape.

Apart from the joy and emotion of this special event where a little boy received all these blessings, families and friends left with a special souvenir gift, a hanging mobile ornament, an object to treasure for its memories of the day!


  1. Fantastic concept.... Congrats to all of you...

  2. Αψογη παρουσιαση!

    1. Ευχαριστούμε πολύ, εκτιμάμε το καλό σου "μάτι" άλλωστε!


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