October 13, 2012

Our DIY: Studs loafers

I welcome this weekend with a super fast and easy do-it-yourself project.
Last week has been less sunny, so I had to sneak out some ballet flats out of my closet.
This morning a pair of black textile loafers with white patterns bought last year seems like a nice and safe choice. However something is missing: all those stud and spike embellishments on the shoes I’ve been pinning recently… Is it possible to get one pair right here right now? Indoors? And without spending more than one euro?
Hem… Yes, it is! How?
Before I even know it, while still on my pj’s sipping my coffee, I have my shoe in one hand and my pliers on the other. Here we go!

  • A pair of loafers or ballet flats, leather or textile
  • Some metal studs (or spikes, or rivets)
  • A pair of pliers

The procedure cannot be easier.
First of all you have to decide on the position of the studs on your shoes. I made a rough plan on my mind (you can even mark your shoes with a pencil, just to keep the lines straight).
Then I attached the studs one-by-one and folded the prongs down, carefully, using my thumb, and securing with my pliers.
That’s it! Could it be any faster? So proud of my low-cost transformation!
The studs were so easy to attach, so it was really hard to control myself on not covering the whole shoe with studs! I just used a single row on the upper part of the shoe. Nice and discreet.

Don’t you think so?

Would you give a facelift on your shoes this weekend?

Keep smiling!


  1. Υπεροχα τα εκανες!
    From Paris with love!
    Kristina recently posted.. With Mika in Milan.

  2. Thank you for your kind words! One has to adjust on season and trends, in creative ways!


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