September 11, 2012

Our DIY: Neon clothes pegs

Finding some spare wooden clothes pegs in a kitchen drawer is equal to another neon project to me.
Without having exact clue on what these colored pegs could be used for, I moved on just to add a funny touch to my laundry!
The procedure is more or less the same as the one followed for the diy neon clutch.
Using a scissors and a masking tape, I sectioned off the parts of the clothes pegs that I wanted to keep at their natural wooden color.

I then applied a layer of white primer spray. After 10-15’ I applied a thin coat of fluro paint (I used yellow and pink) holding can 10-15cm away from the taped surface. I repeated a second coat.

After having allowed 30’ for complete drying, I carefully removed off the masking tapes. Done!
Nice colorful neon clothes pegs.
But this is not the end. How come?
Adding the clothes pegs on a silver metal chain, I got a pretty necklace in less than 30 seconds!
How do you like it? 

Keep smiling!

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