September 6, 2012

Our DIY necklace transformation

Sales season is about to end; at this time of year one can find real treasures at the last moment and sometimes you don't believe what you see on the price tags.
One recent acquaintance is this rhinestone necklace, which I got for only 3euros (three!) at H&M.
The initial excitement was poised by a slight sense of disappointment; by the time I brought the "goody" home, had I realized it was way too flashy for my current state of style and mind.

Instead of regreting, I got my nail polishes on the workshop table, quite a lot of patience and after a couple of I am: a proud owner of a transformed rhinestone necklace, that now perfectly matches both my style and my coral pink toes!
Hope you enjoy the idea as much as I did. Why don't you give it a try on an old jewelry piece?

Keep smiling!


  1. i love colouring random things with nail polish!! this diy necklace looks so good!!

    -laura :)

  2. glad u love it! small adds can make a difference!
    By the way, u can leave a comment on the initial post of our blog, in order to win one of our handmade bracelets!


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