December 6, 2012

Details of a summer wedding

Though quite some months delayed, we are so happy to post a few photos of our friends' wedding, Nancy and Marios, who got married this summer on a whimsical church located in an "urban forest" near the city of Karditsa, Greece.
White, beige, lavender, wheat, burlap. All natural, all harmonious and serene.
The flower decoration in lavender and wheat was perfectly curated by Kleon, Floral.
The straw seats were a huge success, so were the eco-friendly rice bags, curated by Beh1nd.
Each rice paper bag had a stamp in the color of lavender with the names of the couple and the wedding's date.
The wooden sign with the hand-painted letters and details, was another of Beh1nd's touches, showing the way towards the reception venue.

...And they lived happily ever after!


  1. ΠΟλυ ομορφος γαμος!

  2. ήταν οντως πολύ όμορφα προετοιμασμένα όλα και με πολύ ιδιαίτερο στυλ, όπως και το ζευγάρι άλλωστε!

  3. Φυσικα υλικα και χρωματα συνδιασμενα καταπληκτικα και ενα πολυ καλο αισθητικο αποτελεσμα!!
    Μπραβο σας!!!!


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