November 30, 2012

A young lady's birthday!

A beloved friend of Beh1nd just turned 9 y.o. and she asked us to prepare these treat bags, as birthday favors for her schoolmates!

Please do allow us to share with you a detail of her plummy birthday cake, curated by Mi se meli!

Have a nice weekend (probably dealing with your xmas home decoration!)


  1. Thank you very much for the nice job....We;re anxiously waiting for our name day to create something new and so special, for us!!! <3

  2. Always a pleasure; u r an inspiration to us!!!

  3. Μολις καταλαβα οτι σαν ενηλικας ειμαι ριγμενη οσον αφορα την τουρτα μου!
    Βρε παιδια βγαλτε αυτη την λεκτικη επαληθευση... πολυ κουραση λεμε.


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