July 11, 2012

Spring christening in Thessaloniki, May 2012

Little Sofia's christening ceremony was held at the Byzantine monastery Moni Vlatadon,
located in Thessaloniki, on a beautiful Sunday morning of May.

The event's decoration is inspired by spring's sweetest fruit; juicy red strawberries all around! These are some of the items that compose the yard's decoration: jars with homemade strawberry desert, colorful paper cones with various candies and lollipops for the kids, homemade cookies, a strawberry guest book,  basil pots and a wooden box with the baptism favors.

The handmade baptism favor features a natural red soap
, wrapped in a red & white polka dots fabric, sealed with silk ribbons and a wooden strawberry ornament. The traditional white dragรจes offered along with the favors, taste like strawberry; we strongly claim that it's all in the details after all!
A lovely gift for the guests to remember this very special day! 

Stay tuned for more Beh1nd special occasions posts.

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