June 19, 2012

Our DIY: Neon detailed handbag

Overwhelmed by the summer’s hottest trend, neon colors, I felt like adding just a bit (ok, maybe more than just a bit) of fluro color to this pink/golden soft clutch that I got for 14,95€ on H&M. I’m sure there are much cheaper clutches out there, so go find yours now for immediate transformation. Or, even better, use that old leather bag which has been forgotten in your mom’s closet for years now!

First thing you’ll need to do is pre-design in your mind (I did it on a paper) the shape and the volume of the neon details. Spend some time on it; it is always useful to have a template, even if you eventually decide to improvise.

What you’ll need in order to make your neon detailed bag:
·   A primer spray (I used a white based primer, which is ideal for the neon colors to look even more bright)
·   A fluro color spray paint (I chose yellow)
·   A pair of scissors
·   Paper masking tape (prefer the blue one, as it is easier to peel-off than the common white one)

Tip 1: If you feel comfortable in latex gloves, put them on! I don’t, and that is why you can see my hands stained...
Tip 2: Try this outdoors, even if using non toxic spray paints!

Step 1 
Prepare the shape of the parts that you’ve decided to paint on the bag’s surface. The main idea is to use tape pieces in order to create a stencil, sectioning off the parts that you don’t want to paint.
For a simple effect of a neon stripe, you can just stick two pieces of tape horizontally.
I imagined that some square parts would be even more interesting, so I added some vertical pieces as well.
Make sure you keep your lines straight...
Don’t forget to completely cover the surface of the bag that will not be painted! You can use more masking tape or a piece of newspaper.

Step 2
Apply one thin layer of the primer spray, holding can 10-15cm away from the taped surface. Repeat a second coat after 10 minutes and allow at least 15 minutes for complete drying. 
Step 3
Shake well the fluro spray and carefully apply a thin layer, over the surface that you have just covered with the primer base. Try to avoid applying heavy coat, as this will create unwanted drips.
Allow your bag about 45 minutes to dry.
You can repeat a second coat if you wish. I did and the result was even more vivid.
Allow one night for the bag to completely dry.

Step 4
Now that you are certain that the spray paint has dried, you can remove the paper tape carefully, piece by piece. Done!
Step 5
Put a light dress and sandals on, grab your bright new neon clutch  and head off downtown for a drink with your girlfriends! Enjoy!

Go point neon details on your own bag! We’d love to see how you’ve done yours!

Keep smiling!

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