July 7, 2012

Our DIY: Eyelet details on stripe dress

Another ultra-hot Greek weekend is on its way, and while flirting with 40oCelsius I cannot resist posting my latest diy obsession: how to give a fresh and romantic touch to this black & white stripe dress.

After spending hours to the fabrics store chatting with my favorite kind old lady there, I got this beautiful white cotton eyelet trim (ok, not just this...) and lots of courage to go on (since I do not have a sewing machine…).

The idea is simple and the execution steps quite easy and so are the materials you’ll need for the transformation:

·                     A soft cotton dress or skirt
·                     White eyelet trim (lace will work as well)
·                     A pair of scissors
·                     A sewing kit, including: needle, white thread, measuring tape and lots of pins

Step 1
Fix the eyelet trim on the dress’s bottom hem, inside out, using several pins, making sure you keep a straight line all the way.

Step 2
Sew the trim along the dress. I’m sure it will not take you more than four minutes. I had to sew it by hand on straight stitches... It seems it took me more than two hours to complete the stitching, but it was super fun and exciting!

Step 3
Remove the pins, turn the dress on the proper side and feel proud of yourself: you’ve just turned a quite indifferent piece into a brand new dress with a girly romantic breeze!

Have a nice weekend & keep smiling!

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